The Holy Mountain

Curator’s choice

From magic to retro futurist aesthetics, psychedelia is a recurrent topic in the NFT realm. For the end of 2022 curator’s choice, I wanted to focus on something that is not only colorful but also that is frequently explored in the art world by many artists, the idea of the psychedelic or more precisely reaching another state of mind induced (not by chemicals but) by imageries, sometimes sound; a state where all senses are acute , elevated into an uncanny cognition. References to this hallucinatory genre take inspiration from the 60s psychedelic posters and music movements to our web0.3 realm from deep dream to kaleidoscope filters, The Holy Mountain selection is a fun roller coaster ride to some surreal visual perceptions. The title is an homage to 1973 Alessandro Jadorosky’s movie, a dreamt landscape of the weird and occasionally the extra-ordinary, the wonderful and magic. (AD)

Sarah Zucker

Everything's Different Now

We start our ride with humor – The irony of this work and its statement onto an NFT makes it so absurd and so relevant at the same time. The VHS look of the graphics and the humorous intention makes this message sounds like it has been sent from the past to the present in a time capsule from our future selves – getting the year wrong and having to wait until now to be able to mint it. Sarah Zucker is an artist + writer based in Los Angeles. Her Art merges the gorgeous and grotesque through humor, psychedelia, mysticism, and the interplay of cutting edge and obsolete technologies.


夢 & DREAD by neurocolor

The word: 夢 means dream in Japanese, in this case we are experiencing a sort of nightmare presented as a collage. There is a conscious care in the design of this NFT using the poster format, one could think of the 60s psychedelic posters by Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley. There’s a reference to rave and goth translated across with the use of acid colors presented in a strobe like manner as well as the spider web used – the central shape could be a cocoon from an alien species.

Clear Void

Beats #5 [REGULA]

Clearvoid AKA Devon Bryant creates digital alien objects that act and react on their own – here to an electronic soundtrack. The surfaces are slick and polished, looking like otherworldly materials – constructing and de-structuring themselves. Devon Bryant is a multimedia artist specializing in projection mapping based in Charlestown, MA. He has been involved in numerous large scale public video projects in Boston including Illuminus Festival, Boston Cyberarts’ Art on the Marquee program, and First Night's mapping of the Boston Public Library. He is also well known for his projection work for national touring acts Space Jesus, EOTO, Shpongle, and ZEE, and for festivals such as Envision, Infrasound, and DefCon. Devon is a co-curator and contributor to Glitch Gallery and is represented by Zebbler Studios.

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Entering The Mandala

M3TA here has created something of an abstract trip going from kaleidoscopic liquid visions to electronic cities and sensations. It is a unique experience. The word Mandala from the title evokes a reference to Sanskrit and buddhism – its geometric configuration of symbols establishes a sacred space – it is considered as a guidance to meditation and trance-like state.



Ochimusha is a defeated samurai that should be hiding after a defeat. Tako is the octopus – in this fantastic animation many references and symbolism from manga and anime are coming through. The acidic colors and fast path of looping makes the illusion of movement more acute. The business of this in combination with the many surreal characters add to the madness of the scene. The character of the Hanged Man from the Tarot cards appears to balance himself in the background. The Hanged Man is the card that suggests ultimate surrender, sacrifice, or being suspended in time. Bertone's eclectic and complex work combines a cartoon inspired visual language with traditional illustration and painting techniques. He calls his aesthetics: a mix between Psychedelic Folk, Pop Surrealism, Doodling and a bit of Neo-Expressionism.



Ending our rollercoaster journey with centred// by the artist fvckrender. His work is rich in symbolism and eerie twists. The landscapes evokes the fantastic and the magic – placed at the end of the selection in order to re-centering to a personal and a more balanced spirit.

In 2016, Fvckrender had a bike accident and lost sensation in the left side of his body. Compelled to exercise his brain, he started experimenting with digital renders. He’s since become a leading digital artist and collaborated with the likes of Lil Nas X, Rosalía, Lebron James and Dior. Fvckrender (he/him) was born 1991 in Montreal. Today, he lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

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