The Unseen Realm by HERVISIONS

Curator’s choice

In this selection of NFTs I explore imaginary ecosystems prototyping emergent utopian and dystopian futures, speculative creatures, and unseen magical entities. All are integral components of the vast and varied landscape of the human imagination. From mutant frogs and watery A.I generated micro climates and flower arrangements as experiments in spiritual realignment with nature and it’s endless diversity. To the pursuit of the radical side of digital art as a way to create narratives of developing nations.

These fantastical elements allow us to explore the boundaries of our reality and to question the nature of our place in the world. In the unseen realm of our imagination we can envision vast and complex environments that defy the laws of physics and biology as we know them and how we approach the concept of time. These worlds may be filled with exotic fauna and bizarre animals, offering a glimpse into the limitless potential of the human imagination.

Additionally, the themes of imaginary ecosystems can provide a framework for exploring the broader social and cultural implications of the NFT space and its role within the art world. Through the use of technology, artists can bring these fantastical elements to life in new and innovative ways, creating immersive and interactive experiences that allow audiences to engage with these imaginary worlds in a more meaningful and tactile way.

The queer perspective can also bring a unique and valuable view on this intersection of technology and art and thought-provoking exploration of the potential of both mediums and the ways in which they can intersect and influence one another. Through the use of these fantastical elements, artists can create works that challenge and disrupt the traditional power dynamics within the art market and offer a more diverse and inclusive vision of the future of digital art.

These fearsome and fearsomely fascinating creatures and surreal entities offer a glimpse into the darker corners of our minds, as well as a reflection of our own primal fears and desires.

Overall, the themes of unseen realms and imaginary ecosystems can be used to explore and challenge our understanding of the meaning and significance of our engagement on blockchain ecosystems and the ways in which it shapes and influences our lives and future generations.



Through the use of digital manipulation and surreal environments Extinction from the series UTOPIA (2022) by Felipe Sepúlveda aka Alfacenttauri is a collection about imaginary ecosystems and rhizomatic creatures. This world is built on a speculative projection based on the idea that possibilities beyond the imminent global crisis can be thought. Where natu-cultural and ecosystemic identity relations can articulate a series of possible-worlds (fantasies). Taking into the account the third world as provenance, a place of agency and contradictory potencies.

Compositing and render done in Blender, musicalized in Ableton Live 11. 2000x2000

Alfacenttauri is a multidisciplinary artist from Concepción, Chile. His work focuses on aesthetic processes concerning technology and the exploration of the internet as the main environment for sensitive interactions. The manipulation of 3D and digital processes are recurring devices used in the pursuit of the radical side of digital art as a way to create narratives that encourage discussion of future damage and experience from the third world.

Alfacenttauri has participated in group exhibitions in museums and art galleries throughout the Americas, including Public Works: The Lowline in New York, Pupilata dilatada in Rio de Janeiro, the ETH Latin American conference in Buenos Aires, and the NFT auction curated by Mint Gold Dust at the NFT.NYC event in Time Square. Collectors include Jimmy Edgar, FVCKRENDER, Rudini, Vivianis Vulgar, Paola Pinna, Alex Park, Russel Smith, and others.



Seedless (2020) depicts a bat surrounded by green seedless grapes symbolizing monocultures and how they not only detract from animal life and destroy ecosystems but also severely limit our diet and put the future of the human species at risk.

Digital sculpture made in Z-brush, rendered with Cinema4D and octane. 3000x3000

Sam Clover aka Plantdaddii is a digital sculptor from Seattle, currently living in New York. Her work involves a blend of flora, fauna, and her own characters. It explores the navigation of mental health and human complacency when faced with the collapse of the natural world. She has worked in the NFT space since October 2020 and has found success, with artwork value (including collaborative works) reaching a little over 100E. Recent exhibitions include SuperRare ICONS, New York, June 2022 (showing Achievement Unlocked: Touch Grass, a collaboration with Nicole Ruggiero), West Chelsea Contemporary, New York, 2002 (showing Glucose II), New Horizons, curated by Ness Graphics, Pellas Gallery, Boston, February–April 2022 (showing Drop it), and Vellum/LA at LA Art Show, July 29–August 1, 2021 (showing BAD MANNERS). Clients include Meta, Charli xcx, Grizz, FOX, Left at London, SuperRare and Voice (NFT platform).


floral offering, 05
floral offering, 05 by CROSSLUCID

Floral Offering, 05 (2022) is from the collection Way of Flowers. Crosslucid’s elucidating flower arrangements are experiments in spiritual realignment with nature and its endless diversity, following the rich tradition of ikebana.They sprout from alchemical juxtapositions and are pollinated by multiple domains and neural model trainings.They bloom to dissolve imposed categories deeply insufficient for a meaningful experience of reality.They blossom from the desire to preserve and celebrate life and its beauty.

PNG 2048x2048

Crosslucid is the artist duo Sylwana Zybura and Tomas C. Toth, who are based in Berlin. Working across multiple platforms, they interlace archetypes and symbols, AI and science fiction, and mythologies from across time and place, creating scenarios and using storytelling to prototype and rehearse impending futures. Their recent project about digital intimacy, s(t), was an all-encompassing curation for Kyiv’s secretive new space, ∄ (2021). Other exhibitions include a screening of #FIRSTDATE at 4:3 Boiler Room (2019), PRIMER at NOWNESS China (2019) and Loom Festival Barcelona (2019), a solo exhibition of #FIRSTDATE at ArtArea Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia (2019), and Landscapes Between Eternities at the wrong biennale (2019). They are currently working on their first feature film,Translucid, in conjunction with Adversarial Networks.

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Giusy Amoroso


‘Bufo’ (2021) is a digital sculpture that explores the concept of a twisted reality, where biology and digital art merge to create an altered form of what might be real. The sculpture is characterized by its mutation-inspired forms that push beyond the boundaries of the common. The artist aims to challenge the viewer's perceptions by presenting a twisted and mutated interpretation of reality, inviting them to question what is possible and what is not.

Giusy Amoroso aka Marigoldff explores the digital multiverse through immersive experiences and installations featuring worlds, characters, and environments, creating alternative or hybrid shapes that often take the form of alien biomechanical expressions of the naturalistic scenario. Her work is characterized by its crystallized aesthetics and signature metallic edge, through which she seeks to explore and share stories of alternate multiverses.

Giusy Amoroso is a Berlin-based digital artist, art director, and co-founder of IOR50 Studio. She has several years’ experience as an art director and visual artist, with a strong focus on 3D and animation. She was recently awarded the Digital Vanguard award at the Videocittà festival and has given a TEDx talk. She has worked with agencies, brands, and other artists including Nike, Harper's Bazaar, Afterlife, Tale of Us, Lol Esports, MISBHV, Reebok, Dazed, BBC, ICA London, Cartoon Network Italy, Pull and Bear, Riot Games, BRTHR, Dixon, I-D, Vice, It's Nice That, Superconscious Berlin, Electronic Beats, Sony Music, Boiler Room, Travis Scott, and Scooter.

Clara Bacou

Crying Dragon

Clara Bacou's NFT genesis artwork titled "Crying Dragon (2021) is a 3D animated piece depicting a sorrowful dragon as a metaphor for strength and resilience gained from difficult emotions. Accompanied by sound by Nick Scarcella, it explores the idea of how sadnesss shape our lives and remind us that strength is eternal.

MP4 1080x1350

Clara Bacou is an animation director with Partizan and a 3D/AR artist with expertise in 3D image rendering, visual development, art direction, and AR Lens creation. Her work has been exhibited at group and solo exhibitions in Toronto, Miami for Art Basel with Gucci and Spectacles 3, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Berlin for Pictoplasma, Florence, Budapest, Arizona, and at Frieze-registered galleries in her hometown of London. She has worked on mixed reality, animation, and AR projects for clients including Snapchat, Universal, Cartoon Network, Gucci, Coach, League of Legends, Honor, Financial Times, Metronomy, Selena Gomez, Da Baby, One Republic, Galantis, and Louvre Abu Dhabi. Handpicked by Snapchat as one of their first Official Lens Creators (a dozen creators and developers from around the world collaborating to create exciting new AR lenses), her art lenses have received over 41 million views, 32 million shares, and 2,000 days of play time.

Entangled Others

Beneath the Neural Waves 1.5

Beneath the Neural Waves 1.5 (2021) was originally exhibited as an interactive experience as part of Nividia's 2021 GTC AI Art Gallery. Most of the ocean could be considered a desert, sparsely populated, low on sustenance, yet even in the most desolate stretches we can find pockets of life and biodiversity. In the neural ocean, we find the same: small bubbles, rich in lifeforms and motion. This work is a rendered animation of artificial, 3D life generated with AI.

MP4 3072x3072

Entangled Others is the shared studio practice of artists Feileacan McCormick and Sofia Crespo. Their work focuses on ecology, nature, and generative arts, with an emphasis on giving more-than-human new forms a presence and life in digital space. This involves exploring questions of relationship, biodiversity, and awareness through biology-inspired technologies. In turn, they highlight how through conscious efforts, new technology can be used to bring attention to the unseen that we are tightly interwoven with. Entanglement is a complex state, one where no single entity can be said to be separate from or somehow unaffected by any other entangled present. We cannot consider ourselves without others, act without interacting, speak without being heard.

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