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Richard Chappelow

Guest curator

British-born artist Richard Chappelow went from Leeds City College to the University of Lincoln, where he studied Media Production. Through this period he was introduced to a wide range of creative mediums including art, graphic design, photography, audio production, and film. Following his graduation, he started branching out his creative output, exploring photography and print, which led to an exhibition of his photography work at Leeds Art Gallery (2012). In early 2019, he created We Are Not Cool, an audio project releasing ambient soundscapes. Following this, Richard began to explore digital art, merging his love of minimalism and graphic design with abstract art. This led to the creation of Bilnd, a moniker which he now operates under as a digital artist. In early 2020, he started committing pieces to the Blockchain, selling works as NFTs on Ethereum, Solana, and Tezos.