Distributed Sensuality

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The curation presents a visual compass in a sensual quest for blended orgasms. Submerged in the sea of virtual nodes, suggestive landscapes of collaged bodies, 3D objects and tactile textures, it branches off from s(t)imulation.zone, an online platform and collection of critical and informative resources and simultaneously an entry point for further inspiration and playful explorations.

The project created a hopeful and open sphere to deconstruct the assimilated social structures on sexuality and gender, to transmit a positive message on sex and the erotic, to defy body politics and to transverse the idea of intimacy, questioning erroneous stereotypes on sex and different gender expressions. It was originally ideated and developed for and with ∄ - Kyiv’s safer space, a cultural institution and currently a community fund active in supporting people affected by the war in Ukraine.

This current curation presenting 10 artworks investigates the space of digital art and NFT collectibles in a desire to sense where the potentials might lie and what forms they take in the techno-immersive simulation towards actualizing Sophie Lewis's beloved manifesto-like thoughts:

“We will, as survivors of the old regime of sexual violence, design whole cities full of erotic biotic infrastructure; whole continents adorned from coast to coast with spaces of thrilling safety; mushroom glades, therapy marquees, doula grottoes, patient-led free clinics, swimming holes, napping palaces, drop-in centres, temples for public weeping, bath-houses, multigenerational creches, polymorphously perverse aquifers, people’s banquet-halls, multispecies library-sensoriums, train compartments that can get you off, laundrettes that offer to fist you, collective houses that promote wellbeing, dance halls that promote bliss, massage coliseums, and pleasure pavilions.” Sophie Lewis - Collective Turn-Off

Filip Custic

pi(x)el 1/5

pi(x)el 1/5 (2022) 4K video

pi(x)el is a project bridging identity, diversity, and technology, which will take on different formats across a range of media including performance, interactive sculpture, video art, and wearables. With pi(x)el, Filip Custic harnesses technology to sculpt a changeable body, unconstrained by the established norm. A hyperrealist sculpture, immobile in a rectangular pedestal, wears a suit of digital screens. Strategically located over features including the mouth, eyes or genitals, each screen is a treasury of body-part images filmed from a diverse cast of models. With a simple swipe, the viewer can change these images, using the suit to shape a new body which looks beyond gender, age or race.

Filip Custic works across photography, performance, and video to address themes around identity, the body, and our relationship with technology. Mirrors are a recurring feature, a reference to our age of image-obsession and selfies, and Custic also uses symbols, references to science, and art-historical borrowings in his art. Custic has worked as creative director and photographer for publications including Vogue, GQ, and Esquire and has exhibited at Caixaforum Barcelona, MdbK Leipzig (Germany), and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (Croatia), among others.

Michael Perez


Hyper Femme\Masculin (HFM) (2021) Video

HFM is a series of 20 NFT videos featuring sexual intimacy the artist has had with some of the closest friends collected over the past 6 years. Unlockable content includes raw, unedited video files of the original media.

Fantasticplanet is a Queer Latinx Artist living in Los Angeles and currently working as a self proclaimed designer, focusing on butt fucking pixels.

Margaret Murphy

# by Margaret Murphy

Voyeur (2021) Digital photograph 2143x3000

I Could Look at You All Day consists of self-portraits and still lifes made in Murphy’s home. The pictures visualize her interest in self-perception, consider the male gaze, and play amongst social media’s influence on contemporary photography. The companionship of still lifes and portraiture in the project invites the viewer to survey moments of intimacy, reflection, disgust, celebration, and ambivalence within the world of Murphy's creation: a woman in flux between the standards set before her and the standards that she inherently feels exist within her.

Margaret Murphy is a photo-based artist residing in Los Angeles. Murphy’s art primarily focuses on social media, internet culture, and feminine identity and sexuality. Her work frequently uses lighting and digital manipulation to reference trends in popular culture and, punctuated by her millennial existence, often delves into exploration of selfhood in the wake of consumer culture.

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Zak Krevitt

GEAR HEADS 05 by Zak Krevitt

Gear Heads 05 (2021) Photograph

Gear Heads 05 is part of the series Gear Heads, which explores fantasy, fetish, and fatality and was shot at a small convention in the Midwest dedicated to the gear fetish community.

Gear fetishists find sexual satisfaction in functional garments, often associated with a specific identity, action or occupation. For some, the main attraction is sensory stimulation, for others, it is the association of specific garments with their corresponding actions and lifestyles that is particularly exciting.

Zak Krevitt is a fine art and documentary photographer. His work lives within this passion for queer advocacy, and represents his lived experiences both public and private. The work also deals heavily in concepts of transformation, posthumanism, power exchange, anthropology, and the ability to create authenticity through photographic crystallization of reified desire. Krevitt is a Professor at the School of Visual Arts Department of Photo and Video in New York.

The QuTies

Johnny Smith & Simon Haas : "Infinitease #1

Johnny Smith & Simon Haas, Infinitease #1 (2021) Video loop

The QuTieS is a collective of queer artists with a mission to carve out a corner of the NFT space where queer art can live and thrive as the art world transforms for the better.

The first in a series of endless undressing, Infinitease #1 is a video collage collaboration between Johnny Smith and Simon Haas meant to hold the viewer infinitely in the charged, anticipatory space just before seeing what's under those pants.


PUBLIC SEX by mthrtrsa

Public Sex (2022) Photograph

In this day and age, things like cybersex and the pandemic have decreased queer activities like cruising and public sex. Spaces to connect with others were once limited and the acceptance of sexuality was not embraced by the public eye. Queers have been fornicating in places like public bathrooms since the beginning of time because of lack of acceptance and space. These public places have become legendary in queer culture because of their historic, discrete locations that hosted horny queers for decades. Today, websites and mobile apps connect like-minded people from all over the world and can bring them together face to face. Public sex is now labeled a "fetish," since private spaces to host sexual activities are more tangible and accessible. Public Sex is a homage to cruising culture.

Dylan Thomas, also known as MTHR TRSA is a queer visual artist, photographer, and performance artist based in New York. Their practice includes photography and performance art and is centered around identity work, specifically how their transness is accepted in queer and non queer spaces. Dylan is also a curator and produces a live series called HOLE PICS, a performance art series that showcases diverse queer performers in Brooklyn, New York.

Roman Muraviov

Symphony/ NO.19
Symphony/ NO.19 by Roman Muraviov

Symphony/ NO.19 (2019) Photograph JPG, 3266 x 2676

Roman Muraviov is a Kiev-based visual artist specializing in fashion and art photography. His interests are personal identification, relations between people, and other social phenomena.

Simone Garcia

i luv the way you care about my gardens

i luv the way you care about my gardens (2022) Digital video loop 2500x2160 Ambient music by Charly Pœ

Simone Garcia is a multimedia artist working with generative and 3D art. Her work deals with self-perception and the intersection of technology, nature, and art. She explores the performance of virtual identities and gender fluid representations of posthuman bodies.


LA NINFA by ClitSplash

La Ninfa (2021) Digital artwork

The Nymph, being both apprentice of dance and master of melody, is a creature who orchestrates, through her bestial chants, the sexual universe of the phantasy orgies that surround her. The Nymph is me, The Nymph is you.

ClitSplash is a female founded artistic collective that stands for liberation, equal representation, and diverse perspectives on human sexuality. They focus on featuring artwork by women, queer, trans, and other sex positive minorities. As they seek to curate quality digital art exhibitions and IRL encounters, they advocate their proliferation within the metaverse.


Portals of Santuari SE 💕 #7

Portals of Santuari SE (2022) Video loop 2560x2560

A collection of 1/1 advanced civilization biomechanical portals from the year 3022. An endless retinal pilgrimage journey and exploration of enigmatic visual compositions.

Thobie Buntaran a.k.a. Loreng is an interdisciplinary artist based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, who fuses neo animism and biomechanical design manifested into nonlinear 3D visual narratives.

Murk Fluid

The Givers
The Givers by Murk Fluid

The Givers (2022) GIF 640x562

Mark Flood is an interdisciplinary artist known for his dystopic, punk-informed sensibility. His appropriative assemblages, inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell, offer ironic critiques of the art world by hijacking its jargon and serially deploying slogans like “ANOTHER PAINTING” and “ART FAIR FEVER!” His dark, irreverent sense of humor is consistent across his distressed paintings and sculptures, which assimilate provocative catchphrases, finance infographics, altered logos, warped celebrity headshots, and ghostly torn lace.

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